How to Use the Vibrelli CO2 Inflator

About Your Vibrelli CO2 Inflator

1. Presta and Schrader Valve
2. “Easy-Flow” Inflation Valve.
3. CO2 cartridge valve and cap.
4. Insulated Thumb Guard

STEP 1: Charging Your Vibrelli CO2 Inflator

1. Lock the ‘Easy-Flow’ valve
2. Place protective sleeve over 16g threaded CO2 Cartridge
3. Screw canister onto Inflator
4. You are Now ready to inflate

STEP 2: Inflating your Tire with Vibrelli CO2 Inflator

1. Securely attach Inflator to tire valve
2. Holding the insulated sleeve, slowly open the ‘Easy-Flow’ Valve to inflate tire
3. Once desired pressure is reached, close the ‘Easy-Flow’ Valve
4. Remove from tire
5. Before removing CO2 canister, empty the gas from by the valve again.
6. Happy Riding!